Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Just a quick blurb…I am a song-lover, songwriter, song singer (especially in the shower) and performer. I grew up in Southern California and always had music in my blood.  My grandmother was a classically trained pianist from Hungary and my uncle was a successful singer in the Chicago area in the 60′s.  One of my favorite things to do when I was little was put headphones on and listen to my brother’s albums and read the lyrics. My first real taste of performing was in 5th grade when I got a leading role in “Tom Sawyer.” I  just loved it!

After a short but successful career as a teacher, I decided to “retire” and pursue music.  We moved to Nashville in 2001 and it has been incredible. I feel so lucky to be in the songwriting capitol of the world and get to hear the writers behind the hits, their stories behind the songs and their journey to get heard. It inspires me. 

I am married to a really great, really tall guy and mom of two awesome girls, 9 and 11. They play soccer, softball, basketball and love to make things. Between school and sports and work, it gets busy. We like to chill out on the weekends, watch a movie and get take-out. Our favorite is Martin's BBQ. So good!