They say write what you know and I know there are cicadas everywhere and they kind of gross me out. I’m trying to not be such a baby about it, but when they yell at you, it startles me! Anyway, on Mother’s Day, my friends Dan Rogers, Chad and Liz Denning and others were discussing the upcoming cicada infestation. Since I had not experienced the Brood 13 years ago, I was fascinated and repulsed at the same time. Then we started brainstorming words that rhymed with Cicada….and the germ of the song, “SICKA CICADAS” was born. Since Chad is a music video director, we decided to play around with the idea of shooting a video which will be out soon. They must have known we were talking (singing) about them, as they kept flying into my head when we were shooting!

Kentucky Life

As a songwriter, one of the best phone calls you can get is from a producer's office, saying they have chosen to "cut" (record) one of your songs on an artist they are working with. So, when I got a call from Keith Stegall's office (producer of Alan Jackson, Darius Rucker, Zac Brown Band), I was very excited. Keith has been recording a project with Marty Brown, from 90's country fame and 2015 America's Got Talent. Marty is a great guy with a great voice and a great story! I'm so honored that he chose to record our song! Here is great piece that a show, "Kentucky Life" on Kentucky Public Television did on Marty. In the show, Marty is in the studio recording a song with Keith (and musicians). The song they are recording is a song I co-wrote with Tom Douglas called "King of Music Row" - kind of The Gambler meets the show Nashville. It's about an older songwriter giving advice to a younger one. Music Row is the legendary area of Nashville where back in the day, most of the publishing companies, record labels, management companies and any other music-related companies were located. It has changed a lot in the past year, as many of these buildings are being torn down. I love the message in this song. Thanks, Marty, for bringing it to the world!

*Marty's story in this show, Kentucky Life, starts at about minute 15:28. P.S. If you haven't heard of Tom Douglas, you should google him. He is an amazing songwriter and wrote Miranda Lambert's "House That Built Me" among many others!